Why Should You Juice? 

The recommended servings of fresh fruits is 3 servings a day and fresh vegetables is 5 servings a day. Even the most health conscious person can find it impossible to get that many fruits and vegetables in one day. So why not drink them? Juicing raw fruits and vegetables will help you to get a full serving of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Juicing requires that fruits and vegetables be squeezed and shredded using a juicer to extract all the juice. In whole fruits and vegetables, some nutrients: enzymes, vitamins and minerals are trapped in the fiber which a body can’t digest. But once they are processed through a juicer and the juice is extracted, those nutrients can be absorbed into the body within 15 minutes after drinking it. This saves the energy required for digestion and allows the body to rest while detoxifying or cleansing.

Raw juice, unlike coffee, soft drinks and alcohol supplies the body with water to replenish lost fluid while providing all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals. In addition, juicing promotes the alkalinity of body fluids which is necessary for proper immune and metabolic function.

It’s a very easy process and depending on what juicer you purchase the cleanup can be just as easy. Usually the pulp is discarded or use it to make a soup or stew. I personally, mix the pulp in with my dog’s food so they can get their fruits and vegetables, and they actually eat it so it doesn’t go to waste.

It is best to buy organic fruits and vegetables because they aren’t sprayed with chemicals and you don’t have to peel or skin them. If you budget doesn’t allow you to buy organic fruits and vegetables then be sure to thoroughly peel and wash them. 

If you are new to juicing and just starting out, it is best to start with simple recipes first until you get used to it. Green juices are strong and can be tough to the smell and taste. You can add an apple or carrot or even other fruits to green juices to make the taste better. You will need to experiment a little with different combinations to get the right taste. You might find it easier to look online for recipes or buy a book. This will help to learn what combinations are best and what they will do for you. Depending on the fruit and/or vegetable combinations you use you will find that some are good for your immune system, detoxing, alkalizing, energy and skin.

For simple juicing recipes, go to my recipes page to get some ideas on what to start with.

Good luck with juicing and enjoy!


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